Osculati - Master catalogue 2024

497 Engine instruments and installations 27 VDO spare propeller Engine control instruments Code Description 27.270.05 Spare propeller for 50 knots (2192)(2192) Accessories for instruments Instrument sensors 27.330.01 0-190 Ω rudder angle sensor. It matches 27.320.17 / 27.321.17 / 27.322.17 and VDO instruments. Instrument sensors Universal pilot pipe 27.315.00 Suitable for any water pressure speedometer; can be used up to 80 MPH, made of white nylon. Speedometer pipes Special high pressure hose, designed for water pressure speedometers Made of PVC, universal. Speedometer hoses Code Reel 27.316.00 25 m E27.363.15 E27.362.02/04/06 E27.363.02 E27.364.02 E27.364.01 NMEA 2000 connector IP68 Cables and connectors to create an onboard NMEA 2000 network. Sturdy IP68 connectors for use in marine environment. NMEA 2000 connectors Code Description Length m Color 27.362.02 Male/female cable 1 Grey 27.362.04 Male/female cable 3 Grey 27.362.06 Male/female cable 6 Grey 27.363.02 TEE (2 female/ 1 male) - Grey 27.364.01 Male terminal connector - Black 27.364.02 Female terminal connector - Black 27.363.15 Power cord to power the system via a TEE terminal 5 Yellow Level indicator + sensors Fuel level indicator Waterproof, fitted with floater and FUEL symbol. 240-33 Ω frequency. For 12V installations. Engine control instruments Code Ø mm Tank depth mm 27.160.00 52 130/660 Universal Gauge TANK letter symbol (suitable for any type of liquid). Engine control instruments | Gauges | Universal Resistance Ø mm 10-180 Ω 240-33 Ω 27.159.00 27.170.00 52 Universal floater for fuel level gauge 5-hole international flange. 70-mm Ø. Engine control instruments | Sensor Resistance 240-33 ohms (Teleflex, Faria USA, Vetus, S. Giorgio Sein, Beede, Medalion) Resistance 10-180 ohms (VDO, Yazaki, Faria Europa, Uflex, Guardian) Tank depth mm 27.160.01 27.160.02 130/660 Universal lever float for fuel level Metal parts made of stainless steel. Scratch-proof, made of ceramic with platinum contact (4 million movements guaranteed). Adjustable for tanks with height of 150-600. Mobile rod delay patented system, neutralizes the pitch/roll effect. Fuel level sensors Level indicator + sensors Code Resistance Ω 27.160.05 240-33 27.160.06 10-180