Osculati - Master catalogue 2024

685 Cleats and fairleads 40 SS fender fixing 40.160.10 - Designed for 6- to 10-mm ± lines SMASH LOCK Instant locking Instant locking system Compact design Hidden screws AISI316 mirror-polished stainless steel Smash Lock fender fixing AISI 316 Innovative deck accessory for fast fastening of the fenders and line fixing. Made of AISI316 mirror-polished stainless steel, compact design and instant locking system. Designed for 6- to 10-mm Ø lines. Mounting with M5 countersunk head screws. FAST LOCK Fender fixings Code mm For lines Ø mm Ø height 40.160.10 76 25 6/8/10 Crab fairlead with cam cleat REGISTERED DESIGN / DISEGNO DEPOSITATO TEMPORARY LOCK IDEALE CON TONNEGGI E WINCH / IDEAL WITH CAPSTANS AND WINCH Mirror-polished AISI316 stainless steel fairlead with lever instant blocking system. Depending on the diameter, stiffness of the line and part line, the fairlead holds the line by means of its blocking system. In case of larger diameters (28 mm and over) or in unfavorable situations, keep the side lever pressed to cleat the line as long as it’s needed to tie it onto the cleat. Simple and innovative, this system makes mooring faster and safer, suitable also for beginners helping the skipper. For line 20 to 26 mm (independent block) and 26/30 mm (manual block). Hidden screws, easy to install on the deck by means of two high-strength 8-mm Ø studs. Fairleads with cam cleat | Crab Code mm Line-Ø mm 40.230.01 165x48x54 20 to 30