Osculati - Master catalogue 2024

556 Fire extinguishers 31 Gas and CO detector Carbon monoxide detector Very compact battery-powered detector with acoustic alarm. Battery life guaranteed for 10 years from the manufacture date. Code Description Acoustic alarm dB mm 31.300.00 Battery-powered detector (10-year life) 85 to 3 m Ø40 x 38 XINTEX G-2B-R gas/petrol fume detector Fitted with 2 sensors to locate in the bilge. 68-dBA acoustic alarm + red LED warning light. TEST-SILENCE control push button. Supplied with 2 x 6-m cables. XINTEX Code V Max current draw mA panel mm OPTIONAL 6-m additional cord Spare sensor 29.787.01 10/30 150 67x67 29.787.11 29.787.12 XINTEX P2BS propane fume detector Fitted with 2 sensors to be positioned where needed and a solenoid valve. A LED will light and a 68-dB alarm will sound in case of leaks; it automatically closes the solenoid valve. XINTEX Code V Max current draw mA panel mm 6-m extension cable OPTIONAL Spare sensor 29.788.01 10/30 780 67x67 29.787.11 29.787.12 XINTEX CMD-6 carbon monoxide alarm Internal-combustion engines produce carbon monoxide. A faulty current generator might release exhaust emissions in the bilge, which is extremely dangerous for people on the boat. The CMD-6 microprocessor-controlled alarm detects the levels of CO. The TWA (Time-Weighted Average) CO measurements process constantly monitors all CO levels (concentration, time and temperature) to calculate the precise alarm point depending on the COHb %. - New-generation electrochemical sensor that reduces false alarms. Ultra-low current draw (1mA). Approx. 7-year end of life. - Multiple detection alarms can be connected. - Relay module included for generator shutdown. XINTEX Code V Alarm point DBA acoustic alarm mm 29.782.02 12/24 10% COHb 85 at 3 m 89x89x31 29.782.04 independent with lithium*/ion battery (7 year end of life) 10% COHb 85 at 3 m 89x89x31