Osculati - Master catalogue 2024

499 Engine instruments and installations 27 Vertical level sensor with S3 threaded flange WATER+FUEL Ideal for either fuel or water. Any length available for a minimum order of 10 pieces. 12/24 V compatible. AISI316 stainless steel. Engine control instruments Code Resistance Length cm Code Resistance Length cm 27.170.17 240/33 Ω* 17 27.170.30 240/33 Ω* 30 27.170.20 240/33 Ω* 20 27.171.30 0/190 Ω** 30 27.171.20 0/190 Ω** 20 27.170.35 240/33 Ω* 35 27.170.22 240/33 Ω* 22 27.171.35 0/190 Ω** 35 27.170.25 240/33 Ω* 25 27.170.40 240/33 Ω* 40 27.171.25 0/190 Ω** 25 27.171.40 0/190 Ω** 40 27.170.28 240/33 Ω* 28 27.170.45 240/33 Ω* 45 27.171.28 0/190 Ω** 28 27.170.50 240/33 Ω* 50 * For instruments: Teleflex, Aqua Meter, Vetus, S. Giorgio Sein (Veglia), Beede, Medallion, Datcom, 27.160.00, Tai- wan-Wena and Osculati models. ** For instruments: Yazaki, mod. 3 wires, Faria Europa,VDO, Uflex, Guardian. GOBIUS level indicators GOBIUS PRO level sensor - Bluetooth BLUETOOTH UP TO 9 SENSOR Sensor to be mounted on the outside of any tank whose vibrations indicate the inside level. - It can be mounted on tanks of any materials. - It works with any kind of liquid. - Easy to install without drilling the tank (no leaks or bad smell). - 1 to 9 sensors can be mounted on a single tank (each indicating a single step). 1 sensor only is recommended to show 3/4 waste water or water/fuel reserve. Gobius Pro can be programmed via Bluetooth and can be connected to a warning light, relay or buzzer. It can be read also via Bluetooth (App available for download on your smartphone or other devices). App languages: English, Italian, French, German, Norwegian, Swedish. Fuel level sensors | GOBIUS Code Description V No. of sensors 27.182.01 GOBIUS PRO 1 12/24 1 E27.183.01 E52.746.10 E27.183.02 GOBIUS C external level sensor MICRORADAR TECHNOLOGY Sensor to be mounted on the outside of the tank. The micro radar technology detects the fluid level without coming into contact with the liquid inside the tank. - It connects to the Bluetooth or BUS networks. - Plug and Play installation. - No need to disassemble the tank. It measures the liquid level from above, no risk of leaks. - It works with any kind of liquid. The Gobius C sensor has to be mounted on the upper side of the tank and its max measuring depth of the tank is 2 metres. It can be connected to control systems and analog devices such as KUS, VDO, WEMA, Faria (10-190 Ohm, 240-33 Ohm, 4-20 mA and 0-5 V). Moreover, it is fitted with 2 single on/off outputs to detect when the tank is empty/full. Installation of the sensor via Bluetooth from your cellphone app for both versions Gobius C (27.183.01) and Gobius C/NMEA 2000 (27.183.02). During the configuration of Gobius C, the user can configure the shape of the tank for a better measuring of the liquids, even in tanks having an irregular shape. For Gobius C/NMEA 2000 (27.183.02), after installation connect the 1-m cable to the NMEA 2000 network and wait for the Gobius C sensor to be detected by the NMEA 2000 system of the boat. The App for iOS and Android systems is available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish. Fuel level sensors | GOBIUS Type of tank Installation Non-drilled plastic tank Apply sensor Gobius C Already drilled plastic tank Plug the hole and apply sensor Gobius C or apply the adapter to sensor Gobius C (27.138.10+27.183.01) Metal tank Drill and apply the adapter to sensor Gobius C (27.138.10+27.183.01) Code Description V Adapter OPTIONAL 27.183.01 GOBIUS C 2.0 12/24 27.183.10 27.183.02 GOBIUS C / NMEA 2000 3.0 12/24 27.183.10 Gobius C adapter for metal tanks 27.183.10 Specific adapter for the installation of the Gobius C sensor on a metal tank or any other tank having a pre-existing bore. For tanks with an S3 flange, use this adapter to install the Gobius C sensor. For S5 flanges, pair the Gobius C adapter to flange 52.746.10. Screw the adapter on the pre-existing 1.25" Wema & KUS brackets (SAE 5) and then mount the sensor on the adapter using the 3M tape included. The package includes: adapter, 3M tape, sealing o-rings. Fuel level sensors | GOBIUS