Osculati - Master catalogue 2024

235 Electrical materials 14 E14.183.12 E14.183.06 E14.183.12 Fuse holder box with transparent snap cover, made of polycarbonate Silver-plated phosphor bronze connections. It fit regular lamellar fuses. Admissible voltage: 12/24 volt. Total max amperage of the box: 100 Amps. Max amperage for each fuse: 20 Amps. 2 spare fuse holders on the cover. Fuse holders | FusesVersion for standard fuses Version for resettable fuses 14.005.xx or similar (ETA, COOPER, etc.) Fuse housing Contacts (-) (-) Common (+) Common mm 14.183.06 14.183.26 6 6 1 1 125x85 14.183.12 14.183.32 12 12 1 1 165x85 Complete with 6/12 writable stickers to mark the single uses E14.183.26 E14.183.32 Compact fuse holder box Terminals for independent supply. It can be used with any standard fuse (14.004.xx/14.003.xx) or resettable fuse (14.005.xx). By rotating the cover at 180°, you will get a low profile (in standard fuses) or a high profile (in resettable fuses). In the same box you can configure both permanent (alarms, automatic bilge pumps, etc.) and ONOFF circuits (lights, GPS, stereo systems, refrigerator, etc.) Fitted with blown fuse LED indicator and 60 stickers to name the circuits. Screw terminal. Fuse holders | Fuses Code V A mm max per circuit max cumulative 14.182.05 max 32 30 40 per group of circuits with bridge (Jumoer) 116x50x45/50 E14.100.41 E14.100.41 High-capacity fuse holder Made of thermoplastic with removable clear cover. Fuse holders Code Base mm For fuses 14.100.41 95x42 ANL 14.100.xx 14.099.41 95x42 MEGA 14.099.xx E14.099.41 E14.099.41 Power distribution fuse box for MEGA fuse Thermoplastic box with lid to be used on the positive pole of the battery To be matched with a MEGA fuse. 200A max capacity. Fuse holder | Power distribution fuse box Code mm Fuses to be used 14.100.38 80x55x33(H) 14.099.44/45/46/47