59 3-3 GRI 3 Material Theme (2021) GRI 305: Emissions (2016) 306-3 3-3 305-1 305-2 Management of material topics Waste generated Management of material themes Direct GHG emissions (Scope 1) Indirect GHG emissions from energy consumption (Scope 2) Waste Waste Osculati goes for clean energy Direct emissions Indirect emissions MATERIAL TOPIC: RESPONSIBLE WASTE MANAGEMENT GRI 3 Material Topic (2021) MATERIAL THEME: EMISSIONS GRI 306: Waste (2016) WASTE 3-3 3-3 404-1 401-1 405-1 406-1 Management of material topics Management of material topics Average annual training hours per employee New recruitments and turnover Diversity in governing bodies and among employees Incidents of non-compliance concerning health and safety impacts of products and services Our people Product quality and safety Training Our people Safeguard of diversity and inclusiveness No cases registered during 2022. MATERIAL TOPIC: HUMAN RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING MATERIAL TOPIC: PRODUCT QUALITY AND SAFETY GRI 3 Material topic (2021) GRI 3 Material topic (2021) GRI 404 Training (2016) GRI 401 New hires and turnover (2016) GRI 405: Diversity and Equal Opportunities (2016) GRI 406: Non-Discrimination (2016) PEOPLE PRODUCT QUALITY AND SAFETY MATERIAL TOPIC: PURCHASE AND DIGITALIZATION PAPER