#BLUEPLANET 3 Osculati, holding its course and sailing true under changing conditions The last few years have been a heroic time for the marine industry. On the one hand, demand has fortunately held up very strongly, while on the other the supply chain has been under great pressure and disrupted at several points. We have lived through and are still living through an unprecedented historical moment in which the dramatic events of the war in Ukraine have completely upset the international balance and contributed to market crises and uncertainties. This is particularly true of the energy market, the effects of which impact with increasing intensity both on business and on family budgets. Against this global background, we at Osculati have had to work very hard to maintain our fundamental determination for an ‘Always in stock’ policy. We sought out new and alternative solutions to prevent many new problems arising for us and for our customers, while making sure we do not compromise our social and environmental commitments. In 2022, we have therefore continued to invest in technology, people and the protection of the environmental in such a way as to turn the challenges faced in these years into opportunities to improve ourselves and help the planet itself. We continue to power our warehouses with renewable energy, offsetting CO₂ emissions. We also offset our vehicle emissions and have this year started to measure those of the transport outsourced to partners, with the aim of once again offsetting all of these in the near future. None of these major projects would be possible without the essential contribution of our team of more than 130 people, who work with dedication and professionalism to the common purpose. In the new season, we shall continue to put this same great effort into our work, improving everything we do with a passion, providing unique support and ever better service to our customers, relying as always on the fundamentals of our strongly rooted history and values. Alberto, Giorgio and Claudia Osculati The Board of Directors Annalisa Magni E.S.G. Manager