16 4 36 3 8 1 56 7 8 1 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 Hours provided Total participants Hours provided Total participants 2021 2022 First Aid Training Workers’ safety representative updates Fire officer training Elevator platforms 47 AED Project Since 2022 Osculati has equipped its Segrate site with an semi-automatic external defibrillator (AED) and simultaneously put its specific training plan into effect. Six employees have been trained with a total of 24 hours training in theory and practice for the use of the equipment. Its installation is of great value for the safety of employees, customers who visit the Segrate shop every day, and more generally for the community, as the location of the device is well-indicated and is accessible for dealing with emergencies to everyone during opening hours. Breast cancer prevention project On the occasion of international women’s day on 8th March, Osculati decided to celebrate the day by addressing the very important issue of the prevention of breast and gynaecological cancers. These conditions unfortunately affect an increasing number of women, regardless of age and general health, so a considered course of primary and secondary prevention is essential in combating these health issues. For this reason, together with Dr. Donatella Sghedoni, a specialist in hygiene and preventive gynaecology, obstetrics and medical genetics, Osculati organised a meeting of just over 1 hour for raising awareness of all its female employees, as well as providing them with useful information and tools to prevent and deal with these vital and delicate issues. In addition, refresher and safety information courses were promoted to improve the prevention and management of situations that could lead to health and safety risks for employees.