44 Training People are at the heart of Osculati, which is why the company continues to invest and promote initiatives aimed at developing, improving and incentivising performance. Osculati strongly believes in the continuous updating of skills and professional growth of its personnel as a strategic investment. On the one hand they it means development and updating of skills in diverse areas and on the other hand it means the company is always ready to respond to market trends. Every year the Human Resources department maps training needs by means of a questionnaire addressed to all personnel, with the managers of each of the offices involved in the assignment of priorities. Once the training subject areas have been identified the following are carried out: • a training calendar is drawn up; • financial coverage is identified, including through industry funds or training vouchers offered at national or regional level; • service suppliers are contacted and evaluated in terms of the quality of service offered, the scheduling of delivery and the costs; • training classes are organised by subject area and all staff involved are notified of the start of the training plan. During the training courses, progress is constantly monitored using requests for feedback. At the end of each course, each employee receives a satisfaction questionnaire in which he or she gives and overall evaluation grade for the course, the topics covered and the lecturer, while adding any comments on possible areas that can be improved. For some training courses, more specifically those of a specific technical nature, there are initial tests to gauge the knowledge of employees, assign them to the correct class and give them a target to achieve at the end of the training. In implementing training plans, the company has the dual objective of updating job-specific technical skills and fulfilling training obligations under national and local industry regulations. Some of the figures relating to training schemes: Manager White Collars Blue Collars Total 2021 2022 Men 7 18 17 42 Men 0 7 1 8 Women 1 22 0 23 Women 1 2 1 4 Total 8 40 17 65 Total 1 9 2 12 No. of employees by employment category involved in training activities