37 The environment and digital transformation 2022 saw some fruits of the new process towards digitisation, which has not yet been completed and will be continued over the next few years. Osculati has undertaken both dematerialisation and digitalisation processes, especially in the passive cycle in which area these were still largely absent. Osculati has put into effect a number of tools to dematerialise and digitise documents. It has for example implemented a document matching process using ‘Data Matrix’ technology and some document ‘Drag and Drop’ functions that make data searchable and extractable, followed by the digital storage and sharing of documents, with real savings in time and resources. The main benefits of the steps towards becoming a paperless company have however been the clear savings in time and resources, and the environmentally friendly savings on purchases of paper, printers, toner and physical archives. In the year 2022 alone, as compared with 2021, and despite the increase in goods handled both inbound and outbound, the impact was a direct reduction in paper purchases of around 19%.