30 Indirect emissions Indirect emissions3 resulting from energy consumption (Scope 2) amounted to a total of 154ton CO2eq in 2022 according to the location based calculation method (158ton CO2eq in 2021), while following the market based calculation the Scope 2 CO2eq emissions are 0. This is because the market-based method, unlike the locationbased method, takes into account the choice of purchasing or of not purchasing electricity provision of renewable origin certified by Guarantees of Origin. In the case of Osculati, Scope 2 emissions are zero when calculated using the market-based method due to the company’s commitment to purchase 100 per cent of its electricity from guaranteed renewable energy sources. As part of the ongoing refinement of the sustainability reporting process, a first part of Scope 3 emissions has also been monitored and calculated this year, in particular in relation to those produced by Osculati’s transport for the delivery of goods to customers. No. of CO₂ TTW(t) CO2 TTW offset % shipments emissions emissions (t) offsetting Domestic shipments 35,574 33.62 33.62 100% Freight shipments abroad 12,243 143.01 25 20% Parcel shipments abroad 13,743 113.20 0 0% Total 61,560 289.83 58.62 22% ³ The following conversion factors were used in the calculation of emissions: Electricity (location-based): ISPRA (Ministry of the Environment)