5.441,11 2.221,69 921,48 775,13 4.110,38 2.171,23 1.103,89 1.030,64 Methane Electricity Diesel Petrol Energy consumption (GJ) 2021 2022 27 Osculati goes for clean energy Today much of the energy used in the world comes from coal, oil, and pet coke. Due to CO₂ emissions in the energy production process, fossil fuels are the main culprit driving climate change. As the demand for energy is set to increase, the energy transition from fossil fuels to renewables is necessary and is the most important environmental challenge that faces our time. The decarbonisation process can only however take place if everyone is willing to do their part. To turn these principles into real action, the most recent warehouse, designed and built to Osculati’s direct commission in 2015, is one of the first warehouses in Italy to be classified in energy class A. Powered by a photovoltaic system and heated by a geothermal system, it is the flagship for Osculati’s green revolution. Osculati has moreover chosen to be itself an active part of this change, using only electricity from renewable sources and natural gas with 100% of CO₂ emissions offset. For more than ten years now Osculati has had Lifegate as its partner for the provision of electricity and gas. LifeGate Energy supplies electricity entirely from renewable Zero Impact® sources through its stations located in Italy. The national provenance of renewable sources is managed by the GSE, Gestore dei Servizi Energetici, in accordance with EU Directive 2009/28/EC through its Guarantees of Origin (GO)system. In particular, by 2022, LifeGate Energy has been able to assure with its GO certifications that its energy is 100% of Italian origin, being 15% solar and 85% wind generated.