25 Osculati has been manufacturing marine accessories for many years, basing its business development and consolidation model on assuring a high level of customer satisfaction while reducing its own environmental impact and that related to the use of its products Osculati has always regarded the questions of Quality and the Environment as paramount, placing this latter at the heart of its corporate policy, developing increasingly eco-friendly processes and products, complying with all the standards and regulations in the sector, and providing objective evidence of the quality levels already achieved. The company actively pursues a policy of continuous improvement, based on new organisational and technological models for the business processes and for the needs customers have established for their products. To ensure such goals are achieved, the company maintains an in-house Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System that follows the UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 14001 standards. In full alignment with the requirements set by the standards and its own corporate principles, Osculati pursues the following goals in the areas of Quality and the Environment: • continuous company personnel training in order to ensure constant improvements in performance in terms of the Quality of the products manufactured, reduction of the environmental impact of its processes and products, and reductions in Health and Safety risks in the workplace; • precise and prompt handling of customer needs and feedback, ensuring that the products delivered fully meet requirements as requested; • formulation of products that are increasingly environmentally friendly and less aggressive for the skin, with particular regard to the reduction of skin-sensitising preservatives; ensuring the absence of any substances that could be dangerous to persons or to the environment, and the use of surfactants with lower petroleum derivatives content; • commitment to the dissemination of the Quality and Environment Policy to all personnel working for or on behalf of the organisation.