11: Sustainable cities and communities — 21 Goal 12: Ensuring sustainable patterns of production and consumption. 13: Taking urgent measures to combat climate change and its consequences. 14: Conservation and sustainable use of oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development. 15: Promoting the earth’s ecosystem and biodiversity, managing forests and combating land degradation. 16: Promoting peaceful and inclusive societies. Providing universal access to justice, and building accountable and effective institutions at all levels 17: Strengthening the implementation and renewal of global partnerships for development. Use of packaging from recycled materials. Separate collection of waste. Offsetting the CO2 emissions of the means of transport through a Carbon Capture Storage project involving two types of seaweed that are plentiful in Venice’s lagoon. Emission offsetting for energy consumed. Emission offsetting due to product deliveries to Italian and (partly) European customers. Support for initiatives aimed at protecting the marine environment. Supporting Amazonian reforestation. Using paper made from correctly and responsibly managed forests according to the strictest environmental, social and economic standards. Reducing the use of paper in some of the business processes through greater reliance on dematerialisation and digitisation Ethical and correct business management. Collaboration with bodies and associations directly involved in achieving these goals. Osculati’s commitment