Stakeholder EMPLOYEES AND CO-WORKERS THE PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION THE COMMUNITY AND LOCAL AREA MARINE PROFESSIONALS DISTRIBUTED BRANDS END USERS FUTURE GENERATIONS SUPPLIERS Our Stakeholders are those who have an interest in Osculati’s business and who can at the same time exert particular influence on the Company’s operations. When preparing the Sustainability Report in 2021, an internal assessment was carried out to identify the Stakeholders most important to Osculati. Communication with stakeholders 16 Osculati’s stakeholders Stakeholders Manner of communication Governing bodies Management and key personnel for sustainability issues Osculati Human Resources Marine professionals and end users Suppliers and distributed brands Community, the local area and the public administration Periodic meetings Specific meetings on sustainability, budget data collection, work and strategies coordination Internal communication initiatives on sustainability issues, organisation of sustainability events, the opening up of listening channels Customer service, social networks, sales network as channel for listening, intermediation and communication Regular meetings with suppliers and site visits, sharing of Balance content Partnership projects with governmental and non-governmental organisations