11 Mission and ethical principles Osculati’s mission is to provide its customers with everything they need to build or maintain their boats, in the time frame they want and at the best possible value for money. In short, to make it easy for clients to design, build or maintain a boat. The business model is based on core values that guide the company in ensuring a buying experience that meets all customer needs. To this end, the management is constantly researching and developing new solutions, while diversifying its range of services and products. A culture of innovation has enabled the company to achieve excellent results and show great resilience as it adapts to market changes. At the same time Osculati is always striving to offer affordable prices without compromising product quality and reliability. Another strength of Osculati is its choice of strategic partners with whom the company has been working for many years now to ensure ever better and faster service to customers worldwide. All the business conducted and managed by Osculati is based on integrity and transparency and is conducted with honesty, loyalty and a sense of responsibility. The values Osculati has taken as its own are traceable to the “Charter of Corporate Values*” as the company commits itself to recognising and respecting its content in respect of its stakeholders. In particular, the values Osculati holds dear in and is inspired by on a daily basis are the following: • Ethical conduct in relation to employees, suppliers, customers and all stakeholders. • Cooperation and team spirit: no matter how capable and determined each of us is, we achieve more by working together. • Safety: a priority aspect in all of its ramifications, including safety in the workplace for all employees and product safety for end users. • Ethical and balanced development: we work to ensure balanced economic growth and steady longterm development by truly valuing our human resources and respecting the environment with a highly conscious use of resources. * The Charter of Corporate Values was proposed by the European Institute for Social Reporting and is taken from the Nova Spes Foundation Charter of Human Values, in turn taken up in 1989 by the UN to give timely and socially unambiguous guidance for companies in their decision-making.