36 ludovicPMLEWMAR Ankerwinden aus rostfreiem Edelstahl u. Ersatzteile Efall safe LEWMAR V700 windlass AISI 316 FALL SAFE IP67 AISI316 SS construction. Easy to install as no deck modification is needed, it only requires the use of a crown cutter. IP67 watertight up to one meter. 5-year warranty. Impact-resistant motor cover. Fall Safe anchor lock built in the windlass body (see picture). It includes: - Bridge control. - Solenoid. - Circuit breaker. - Clutch release lever. - Fast mounting studs. - Template and gasket. - Instructions in 6 languages (including Italian). Ready to fit chain counter sensor. Ankerwinden | LEWMAR | V700 | Anlegen | Code Motor Gypsy Pull kg Line speed m/min Current draw A Recommended circuit breaker A For boats Single parts V W chain Ø mm line Ø mm max continuos max continuos gypsy only Clutch lever contactor only 02.534.06 12 320 6 12 320 79 25 15 45 35 6 to 9 m 6.5 02.534.86 02.531.99 02.590.21 * For Lewmar windlasses up to 700 W with dual chain, models 700V; ProSeries. E02.534.12 E02.534.14/16 E02.534.18 V700 Ersatzteile Art. Nr. Beschreibung 02.534.10 Kettenschieberset 02.534.12 Deckel 02.534.14 Befestigungssatz (UDM Zoll) 02.534.16 Befestigungssatz (UDM Meter) 02.534.18 Komplettes Safe-Kit 02.534.20 Satz Lager und Dichtungen 02.534.22 Wellensatz 02.534.24 Motorsatz 02.534.26 Getriebe 02.534.28 kompletter Getriebebausatz 02.534.34 Magnet+Sensor-Satz E02.534.26 E02.534.34 E02.534.24 E02.534.22 E02.534.20