91 Lines and ropes 06 Anti-chafe patches Made of UV-resistant self-adhesive teflon, they can be cut to measure. Gelcoat and paint are preserved. Lines | Chafe guards | Chafing | Mooring | Self-adhesive strakes | Teflon strakes Rope savers, accessories for ropes, handrail netting Code Content 06.314.00 2 pcs - 125x150 mm (250 micron); 1 pcs - 100x125 mm (130 micron); 1 pcs - 75x125 mm (130 micron) UHMW adhesive chafe guards Made of UV-resistant self-adhesive Teflon and can be cut to measure. They prevent wear due to chafing and do not damage gelcoat or painted surfaces. Lines | Line chafe guards | Mooring | Adhesive Code Content 06.315.00 4 pcs. (100 x 150 mm) Chafe guard Made of UV-resistant polyester. Hook&loop fastener with straps on the ends. It protects lines against sharp fairleads or toerails on sail boats. Chafe guards | Chafing | Mooring Code For lines Ø mm Length mm Colour 06.452.01 12/16 450 white 06.452.02 18/22 450 white E 06.316.01/02 E 06.317.01/02 Cordura chafe guard Double-layer, high-resistance cordura with edgeband along the perimeter. Hook&loop fastener and anti-slid tapes. Accurate finish. Chafe guards Colour For lines Ø mm Length mm white black 06.316.01 06.317.01 12/16 600 06.316.02 06.317.02 18/24 600 E 06.317.01/02 SPIROLL chafe guard Made of self-rolling polyurethane, it protects lines from chafing against the fairleads/hawseholes of the boat or against the rings/cleats of the dock. No need to undo splicing, etc. when mounting it. SPIROLL Code For line Ø mm Length mm Colour 06.453.01 8/16 400 black 06.453.02 16/25 600 black Woollen chafe guard Made of real wool for 14- to 22-mm Ø lines. 60-cm long. Hook&loop fastener and anti-slip tapes. It prevents lines from chafing the hull (for example the fenders). Sold in pairs. Chafe guards Code For line Ø mm Length cm Colour 06.315.01 14/22 60 Black 06.315.02 14/22 60 White