851 Ladders 49 EasyUp Telescopic ladder with handles for installation above the bathing platform AISI 316 PATENT PENDING The holding handle rises and lowers when the ladder is deployed. Extra-large step (52.5 mm). Mirror-polished AISI316 stainless steel. Telescopic ladders | Ladders for platform Code Steps Tube Ø mm Length mm Max width mm Height closed mm open closed 49.575.04 4 19/25/32/38 1185 480 515 60 DOUGLAS MARINE universal foldable handle for climbing ladder of stern gangplank To be fixed on the side of the ladder (right or left) for easy climbing on the gangplank. Snap lock during either use and rest position. Climbing | Gangplank | Handle for stern Code Base mm Tube Ø mm Length mm 49.564.00 110x36 22 370 Ray flush-mount climbing aid handle AISI 316 FLUSH LOOK To be installed near the ladder to facilitate climbing on board. Made of AISI316 mirror-polished stainless steel. Lock in vertical position and flat when closed. Anti-vibration lock when open or closed. Fitted with studs and counterplate for installation. Climbing handles Code Base Ø mm Handel mm Mounting hole-Ø mm Studs mm 49.565.00 92 310x30 75 5x70