72 Rigging Hardware 03 Sheaves and springs E03.300.00 E03.301.00 E03.302.00 Sheave Sheaves Code Type Pulley Body in size mm made of 03.300.00 fixed with 3-hole base 50 nylon brass 03.301.00 movable with bridge 50 nylon brass 03.302.00 double joint with bridge 50 nylon brass Gaskets, Covers, Bellows and Witches Hats Spring for steering systems Steering-gear Sheaves and springs Code Description 03.190.00 Made of high resistant stainless steel 18/8. Sheave for steering system Sheaves Code Description 03.305.01 Fitted with rotating spring shackle, made of chromed brass and 50 mm nylon pulley. Sheave for cockpit rope exit Sheaves Sheaves and springs Code Description 03.307.00 Made of chromed brass, fitted with 60 mm nylon pulley. Cable fairlead made of polypropylene For electrical cables and steering gears. Steering-gear Code internal Ø mm external Ø mm Plastic color 03.408.00BI 60 90 white 03.408.00NE 60 90 black Bellows for cable protection, made of plastic It comes with two ties. It protects the cables and makes them watertight. Steering-gear Code Ø mm Length mm Color 03.150.80 38 190 black Fairlead cradle, conic, made of PVC Includes mounting ring nut and nylon cable tightening clamp. Steering-gear Code internal Ø mm Ø out mm size mm Color 03.407.00 70 105 74 white 5 03.407.01 70 105 74 black 5 Fairlead ring nut and washer, made of PVC Mirror polished AISI 316 stainless steel ring nut. Steering-gear Ring nut Gasket internal Ø mm Ø external mm white black 03.410.01 03.420.70 03.420.72 48 75 10 03.410.02 03.420.90 03.420.92 58 90 10 Fairlead ring nut 03.410.02 with bellows Mirror polished stainless steel ring nut, rubber DUTRAL bellows, anti-saline and watertight. Steering-gear Code Color Internal Ø mm External Ø mm 03.410.00 black 58 90 03.411.00 grey 58 90