529 Electronics 29 E27.362.02/04/06 E27.363.02 E27.364.02 E27.363.15 E27.364.01 NMEA 2000 connector IP68 Cables and connectors to create an onboard NMEA 2000 network. Sturdy IP68 connectors for use in marine environment. *NO* Code Description Length m Color 27.362.02 Cavo maschio/femmina 1 Grey 27.362.04 Cavo maschio/femmina 3 Grey 27.362.06 Cavo maschio/femmina 6 Grey 27.363.02 TEE (2 femmina / 1 maschio) - Grey 27.364.01 Connettore terminale maschio - Black 27.364.02 Connettore terminale femmina - Black 27.363.15 Cavo di potenza per alimentare il sistema con terminale a TEE 5 Yellow Accessories for electronical equipment Noise suppressor 29.451.20 For installation in the power lead to depth sounders, GPS, Plotters, radio-telephone, etc. It eliminates interference from energy-hungry alternator or onboard instruments (anchor windlasses, radars, etc) and protects instruments against power discharges; 12 V, 60 watt (5Amp), intervention time 5 nanos, peak power 4500 Amp, dissipated energy 45 joules. Electrical equipment GLOMEX deck nylon fairlead 29.140.00 Universal for one two cables, the connector is also able to pass through. Deck fairleads GROUNDPLATE mass plates equipped with special nuts and bolts Made of porous bronze, ideal for achieving an appropriate mass while installing Loran, GPS, Satellites, radio-telephones SSB and help cut-down radio interferences. Ground disposals Code Type Equal to copper grounding m2 mm 29.630.01 Standard 1.15 155x51x13 29.630.00 Medium 2 205x64x13 29.630.02 Giant 3.45 300x80x13 Portable and panel depth sounder E29.230.30 E29.230.31 Echosounders NorCross recessed mounting TELEFLEX It reads from 0,7 to 61 meters up to 101 km/h (63 mph). LCD polarised display. Meters or feet scale. Min. and max. depth alarm (acoustic and optical). 250Wmax power. 200-khz stern transducer with 9m cord. Depth calibration depending on the hull immersion (keel offset). Echosounders Code Dial Ring 29.230.31 Black Black 29.230.30 White Polished SS NORCROSS portable depth-sounder with built-in transducer Easy to use: rest it on the boat bottom (fiberglass, aluminium, rubber, etc.) from the inside or put it into water for depth reading. Technical data: - Range 0.6-72 m (possibility to select 2-240 foot scale). - Display of water and air instantaneous temperature. - Smart DepthTraxTM transducer to prevent false signals. - LCD display. - Sensitivity gain automatic adjustment. - Shoot-ThruTM technology: the signal passes through the bottom or the ice or putting it into the water. - Float with shock resistant rubber cover. - Waterproof up to 50 metres under water (it can also be used by scuba divers since it’s IPX8 watertight). - Power: 1 x 9V (6LR61) alkaline battery. Norcross | Portable | Built-in transducer Code mm 29.028.02 200x60