242 Electrical materials 14 SCANSTRUT multiple cable stuffing box Designed for multiple cables having different diameter (up to 15mm), it offers perfect watertightness (IP-X7) for cable passing and lets the cable pass without disassembling end connectors, if any. Fitted with seal to be bored. Packed in a convenient display blister. Stuffing boxes Code Material Cable Ø mm Connector B max Ø mm 14.174.01 Anodised aluminium Up to15 18 99x48 14.174.02 Black plastic Up to 15 18 99x48 Fairlead gland Made of watertight nylon, for electric cables. Electrical parts Code Ø base mm Protrusion mm For cable size mm 14.185.95 48 33 4-8 14.185.96 51 36 6-12 E 14.186.00 /01/03 E 14.186.02 E Individual packages Fairlead gland to be fitted under the deck Made of chromed brass, for cables to be fitted under the deck. Electrical parts Code Passage mm 14.186.01 6 10 14.186.00 8 10 14.186.03 10 10 14.186.02 12 1 E14.186.14 E14.186.15 Fairlead/gland made of nylon, fiberglass and stainless steel They ensure perfect watertightness (IP67) for cable passing. They allow the cables to pass without disassembling end connectors, if any. Fiberglass-reinforced nylon body with AISI316 stainless steel plug. Glands Code Ø base Protrusion mm Cable Ø mm Cable mounting 14.186.14 48 14 3-14 vertical (in line) 14.186.15 48 14 3-8 lateral (@ 90°) Elbow outlet AISI 316 14.481.92 Made of polished AISI 316 stainless steel, designed for electrical cables, from mast base to inside cabin. Electrical parts Fairleads and glands Plugs, lighter jacks and accessories E 14.517.01 E 14.517.02 E 14.517.00 Power socket + plug made of black polycarbonate 100% water resistant, either with protection cap closed or with lockable plug, equipped with a special watertight collar and a “lock-in” system that locks the plug by turning; designed for plug mounting with back screw nuts or two screw boards; suitable for lighters and cellular phones. Sockets Code Description 14.517.01 Socket + external mounting panel 14.517.02 Plub with fuse and red led light 14.517.00 Plug/socket kit 14.517.01+14.517.02