Osculati Master Catalogue 2022 - ENG

24 Anchors, rollers and compensators 01 E 01.211.09 E Protection for anchor buoy GRIPPY: compact and lightweight signalling buoy with self-winding UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) line and night light Fitted with 2 fully watertight chambers housing electronic and mechanical parts, which prevents possible malfunctions due to the marine environment. Extremely lightweight and compact, it has a 200-mm diameter and weighs as little as 1.2 to 1.5 kg. The ABR version is fitted with a pioneer technology that blocks the line sliding when GRIPPY exceeds 90° inclination while retrieving the anchor so that the signalling buoy can be recovered from its line without using the boat hook. The end of the GRIPPY line has to be connected to the anchor crown, and it will automatically unwind when deploying the anchor. The line self-adjustment lets GRIPPY float on the anchor perpendicular consequently signalling its position. At night, GRIPPY automatically activates its solar-powered night lights (LIGHT, HEAVY and ABR versions). In case of tangled anchor, it can be tripped by retrieving the buoy rope, whose breaking load exceeds 500 kg in the BASIC and LIGHT versions and 1200 kg in the HEAVY and ABR versions. When retrieving the anchor, GRIPPY will automatically wind its line and will position under the boat bow. It comes with a convenient stanchion support (LIGHT, HEAVY and ABR versions) and a pull-out visual signaller. Signalling buoys Code Model Anchor buoy length m Anchor buoy breaking load kg Description Handrail support Ø mm 01.211.01 Grippy Basic 15 500 With visual signaller No 200 1.2 01.211.02 Grippy Light 25 500 With visual signaller + night automatic lights Yes 200 1.2 01.211.03* Grippy Heavy 20 1200 With visual signaller + night automatic lights Yes 200 1.4 01.211.04 Grippy ABR 20 1200 With visual signaller + night automatic lights Yes 200 1.5 * Stainless steel protection for anchor buoy included. 01.211.09 10-m extension (1200-kg breaking load). E 01.280.01 E 01.280.03 E 01.280.04 E 01.280.05 GO!UP - Radio remote controlled self-flooding buoy for retrieval of creels, nets and fishing equipment GO!UP is the first patented self-flooding buoy for professional and pleasure fishing. It replaces the traditional floating signalling buoy used for the retrieval of creels, nets, boulters, etc. The fishing equipment cannot be damaged, stolen or tampered with because the buoy stays hidden under the waterline and only surfaces when operating the radio remote control. No installation needed on board. 100% settable, it matches any requirement. 1) Connect GO!UP to one end of the equipment using an extension to fish at the desired depth. 2) Detect the GPS point, start GO!UP and dip it into the water. Let the fishing system work. 3) To retrieve GO!UP, connect the retrieval system to the lighter plug and to the transducer. 4) Get back within 100 metres of the GPS point, dip the transducer into the water, press the retrieval control and the buoy will surface automatically. 5) Retrieve GO!UP. Its rope will wind up automatically along with the fishing system. Buoy Code Rope length m Rope breaking load kg Max tolerable depth m Duration Settable selflevelling Fishing system depth m Retrieval system Max retrieval range m No. of contallab le buoys 01.280.01 20 >500 15 >10 days @ 9 m 3/6/9 m >500 ultracod/ 200 Khz 100 Endless 1.5 01.280.02 PACK GO!UP NEO 4 x self-flooding buoys + retrieval control. Available on order. 01.280.03 GO!UP NEO Additional self-flooding buoy. Available on order. 01.280.04 Additional retrieval control. Available on order 01.280.05 Guardrail support for GO!UP